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Welcome to Pooches Daycare and Grooming – we’re so excited to be here!

We know that you love your dog, but we also understand that life is busy. Sometimes, you need dog daycare. One where your precious pet is happy, adored and stimulated.

About Us

Enter Hawke’s Bay’s newest dog daycare, Pooches. You can farewell your faithful friend, knowing he/she will enjoy a safe and fun day out. Your dog can socialise and play with other pooches in spacious, clean and purpose-built surroundings. Plus enjoy optional extras like field trips, grooming and dog training.

Our skilled and devoted team keep constant watch. They’re dog-lovers too. Dogs are grouped based on behaviour and temperament, so your pooch can romp or chill out with friends.

We’re just a short walk from Havelock businesses. But we know life can be hectic with work, family, and school drop-offs. So, we offer a taxi service within the Hawke’s Bay area (Napier, Taradale, Clive, Hastings, and Havelock North) to collect/deliver your dog.

Dogs have been a life-long love of Pooches’ owner, Jo Husband. She’s combined this passion with business nous to provide a dog day care with outstanding staff and resources.

We totally get that you’ll want to check Pooches out before trusting us with your loved family member, so feel free to contact us to arrange a visit!



1 x full day
1 x full day including taxi service
5 x full day concession
5 x full day concession including taxi service
10 x full day concession
10 x full day concession including taxi service
1 x ½ day (up to 5 hours)
5 x ½ day concession
10 x ½ day concession


Rates may vary depending on specific needs, such as breed-specific cuts. We will discuss this with you prior to completing the groom.

Basic Groom:
Shampoo/Dry/Brush/Nail trim
Short/Smooth Coat Medium/Long Coat
Small dog From $20.00 From $40.00
Medium dog From $40.00 From $60.00
Large dog From $60.00 From $80.00
Full Groom:
Shampoo/Dry/Brush/Clip or Scissor/Nail trim/Ear clean & trim
Short/Smooth Coat Medium/Long Coat
Small dog From $25.00 From $60.00
Medium dog From $45.00 From $80.00
Large dog From $65.00 From $100.00

Field Trips

We take small groups of dogs for fun off-leash adventures to the countryside, local beaches & rivers. Each trip lasts for 1 ½ to 2 hours, and your dog can either leave from Pooches or we can collect them from you in our Pooches Taxi and drop them home again. Days & times will be posted on our Facebook page.

Single Trip Concession
Daycare Dog $20.00 per trip 5 trip concession $90.00
Field Trip Only Dog $25.00 per trip 5 trip concession $115.00

Inhouse Training

While your dog is in daycare here at Pooches we can provide 1:1 training to assist with puppy training, crate training, and obedience. Throughout the day we will take your dog to a separate play area for three short, focused sessions, and when you collect your dog at the end of their play day the staff will discuss the sessions with you so that you can reinforce these new learnings at home.

Casual 5 days 10 days
Focused Training Day $15.00 $70.00 $135.00

Costs are in addition to normal daycare fees.

Dog Walking

We take individual dogs, or small groups of up to four, for on-leash (including long leash) walks to local destinations such as parks and even cafés for them to both exercise and socialise. Walks are for 1 to 1 1/2 hours, and we can collect and drop them home again in our Pooches Taxis.

Casual 5 walks 10 walks
Dog Walk $25.00 $115.00 $210.00

Costs are in addition to normal daycare fees.

Training Walks

This service is perfect for dogs who need both exercise and training. Our trainer will work on skills such as recall and lead walking in everyday settings with distractions, to help with concentration and managing excitement levels. These sessions are for one hour, and are particularly good for dogs who are reactive to things such as other animals, other people, traffic and loud noises. We can collect and drop your dog home in our Pooches Taxis.

Casual 5 walks 10 walks
Training Walk $35.00 $160.00 $300.00

Costs are in addition to normal daycare fees.


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Daycare Bookings

Pooches Taxi Service

At Pooches we know how busy life can be with work and family, with school drop-offs and early meetings, so to make life easier we offer a taxi service within Hawke’s Bay (Napier, Taradale, Clive, Hastings, and Havelock North). We collect your dog in the morning and deliver them home at the end of the day.

Our Team

Team - Jo

Jo is the owner of Pooches and can’t remember a time when dogs haven’t been a part of her family. In fact, when her extended family get together, they can often be outnumbered by their dogs! Jo has combined her business background and love of dogs to create a well-resourced facility and a team of passionate people to provide a professional dog daycare service.

Team - Mae

Meet Mae, she is our second in charge here at Pooches and is crazy about dogs. After entering the industry almost three years ago, she fell in love with dogs and has been constantly expanding her knowledge ever since. She is currently working her way through a certificate in animal behavior and a certificate in grooming, as well as being Pet First Aid certified. Before moving to Hawkes Bay, Mae spent the last two years running a dog daycare in Wellington and is now super excited to get to know the dogs of Hawke’s Bay.

Team - Caroline

Caroline has always loved working with animals, especially dogs and horses. Over the past year Caroline has fallen down the wonderful rabbit hole of learning all things positive reinforcement-based training, firstly with horses and more recently dogs. She recently completed a Certificate in Animal Behavior and Learning from the IAABC and is Pet First Aid certified and is eager to continue learning. She is so excited to be working with such a wonderful crew at Pooches and can’t wait to meet all the awesome pups!

Team - Billy

Meet Billy! With a full driver’s licence and a love for dogs he has the role of picking up your pups in the morning and dropping them home after a great day. He has two dogs of his own and has grown up with plenty of them around him. Billy has spent time helping out at a dog daycare in Wellington and is now excited to get to know all the Pooches dogs and provide our valued customers with top-notch service with a smile.

Team - Evania

Evania has always had a passion for dogs of all shapes and sizes and has always known that she would go on to work with animals. She has worked within the pet industry for almost nine years and during this time has gained a wide knowledge of all things dog. She has taken animal welfare and behaviour courses whilst studying zoology and is keen to move on to this new venture. She can’t wait to meet the pups at Pooches and is super excited to be part of the team!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask your happy, tired dog after a day in our care! When you can’t be at home with your beloved pooch, we provide him/her with a safe, stimulating and fun day out. Your dog can socialise and play with other pooches, get spoilt by our trained team (who are dog-lovers themselves) and you can check on his/her day via Facebook or Instagram.

Every dog in our care must complete a free Pooches Play Assessment, so we can ensure he/she is suitable to be off-leash with other dogs. Our trained team takes the time to introduce each new arrival to calm dogs who come often, to help the settling-in process. Aggressive or overly anxious dogs can’t be cared for at Pooches.

The welfare of all dogs at Pooches is our top priority. They are…

  • Constantly supervised by trained team members.
  • Grouped based on behaviour and temperament.
  • Monitored for any changes in play needing prompt staff intervention.
  • Allocated spotlessly clean areas for play, rest and timeout.
  • Doted on by a team trained in Pet First Aid.

Pooches Dog Daycare provides a wonderful learning environment for puppies. They are closely supervised and by mixing with well-adjusted, older dogs they naturally learn respect, manners and other social skills that see them develop into calm and happy adults. Puppies can attend from 15 weeks and must be up-to-date with their vaccinations.

After joining his/her group, your dog can enjoy friendly indoor play, structured games and activities. Weather permitting, it’s outdoors next to chase balls, run through tunnels, dig in the sandpit and (if it’s warm enough) water play. A lunchtime nap with soothing music is encouraged to recharge batteries, followed by more play, then quiet time before we say goodbye.

To ensure the welfare of all dogs in our care, we have certain requirements. Some of these include certifying that your dog hasn’t harmed or threatened other people or dogs, a free Pooches Play Assessment, proof of up-to-date vaccinations, and keeping dogs leashed during drop-off and pick-up.  Please contact our friendly team for the other requirements: 06 6501636 / enquiries@pooches.co.nz


To arrange a visit please contact us on
(06) 650 1636 or email enquiries@pooches.co.nz

For all other bookings and enquiries, or to arrange a visit, please complete the enquiry form, phone or email us.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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